Er… Second Post

Here I am, posting again already.

I have to write some essays by tomorrow morning for a Department of Defense fellowship to which I’m applying, so in a burst of furious procrastination, I updated my webpage (it used to say that I still worked at IBM, etc.), added some more sound clips, and changed the journal part to point here. It’s all or nothing with LiveJournal now, baby.

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6 Responses to Er… Second Post

  1. wittlebc says:


    I’m very happy that you’ve decided to join the LJ cult. Early Xmas present for me!

  2. simplyjeska says:

    Woohoo! Welcome to the livejournal community! Now I know you’re going to Hawaii, and I’m completely jealous. I’m sure when you’re on the beach you’ll be wishing for a white Christmas, right? ;)

    Happy New Year!

  3. snafuuu says:

    It’s all or nothing with LiveJournal now, baby.

    True that, dude. Don’t tell me I used my code for nothing! =p

  4. jcliao says:

    aww yeah:) welcome to lj!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Too lazy to register

    Nice, reminiscent of Slash. Hope you don’t have to take a polygraph for clearance at DoD, it’s obviously flawed.


  6. aj says:


    Wow guys, thanks for the welcome! And thanks for the code, snafuuu =)…

    Next time I write will be in 2003, so have a great New Year’s!