Well, I’ve got to start doing work again today, so it’s back to the ol’ LJ :).

Even though I ended up not going to Tahoe at the last minute (various cancellations and confusions), and even though as a result most of my friends here were partying on the lake while I was at home, I still managed to get no work done this weekend.

Friday night I went with a bunch of friends to see a Berkeley showing of Punch-Drunk Love. I saw it last year but it’s a great movie and I really enjoyed seeing it again. Just the right amount of quirkiness to keep it endearing. And everyone knows I’m a sucker for romantic comedies anyway. Then after that (with a slightly rearranged group of friends) we headed down to Rockridge for a party. We got there around 1am, I think, only to discover that the party really sucked. It was way too crowded and hot, the music was terrible and no one was dancing. I wasn’t in a mood for shmoozing, and the lack of dancing put me off, so we headed home about half an hour later. Well, the walk itself took about 35 minutes (with a sweet Safeway run along the way), but it was a nice night.

Saturday I lazed around till the evening when I joined Umesh and Co. for dinner in San Francisco followed by Dave Chappelle at the Warfield. He was really funny, although I think the opening dude (don’t remember his name) was even funnier, and did some incredibly spot-on impressions.

Okay this is getting boring… (why do I always get bored halfway through LJ entries? I’m lacking stamina…)

Anyway Sunday morning, assisted by the Danish girls, I joined Umesh & Friends once again for a hike up Mt. Tam. It was supposed to rain all day but miraculously everything cleared up and it was gorgeous. We took a lot great pictures, some of which I’ll post here when I get them. Then we went out to Stinson Beach to relax, munch on some food, and unwind. I came back so refreshed that I took a nap right after dinner :).

Today I’m supposed to do work, okay? Except it’s already midafternoon and I’ve done everything but. I swear I’ll start soon. Oh yeah, I’m basically over my little illness, except for some reason I still can’t wear my contacts. I think I’m going to chuck my current pair and try again this evening.

I realized that I kind of mention all these random things I’m doing but give no idea of what my day-to-day life is like. Maybe I’ll talk about that next time. I know all you guys back home are eager to hear even more minutiae from me, heh.

Congrats to Nicole and Sergio, btw ;)…

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