Looking at the sun through a microscope

I really want to see Better Luck Tomorrow but it’s always sold out! (Perhaps I’ll have better luck tomorrow, goes my idiotic running joke.) Maybe I’ll try again next weekend.

Speaking of films, the new (100mb, 2min) trailer for Matrix Reloaded is one of the sickest pieces of eye candy I’ve ever seen. Like, that trailer outperforms entire movies. I’ve watched it probably ten times in the last three days :). Check it out!

Celebrated two birthdays (Rika, Matt) in the last week, both at Thai House. Different groups of people, but both were a ton of fun. Makes me appreciate the insane number of ridiculously nice people in IHouse… I think living here another year is a good idea.

Found a place for this summer with Matt and Joel. The location is sweet, right on Hearst, a few blocks west of the CS building. Also comes with a pool table, and a rooftop patio with grill… and costs a lot less than IHouse in the summer. Score! Space is a little tight but we’ll manage.

Slight bit of bad news: I reaggravated last week’s soccer injury while playing on Friday. So I’m out of commission again. Hopefully it’ll be better next week! Good news: I’ve somehow managed to set up these fellowships so that I have funding for the next five years. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Hung out last night with Umesh and the gang. We stayed up way too late but had a great time as usual. For some reason I woke up at 10am this morning, after having slept for only five hours. Now it’s work time. Going to Soda in a bit to work on my 270 project with Bill. Yay!

Jeez, these last few entries have been mundane. Seems like I’ve fallen back to my old habits. But I do have interesting things to talk about, I swear! It’s just a matter of working up the willpower to make them cohesive, sensible statements…

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5 Responses to Looking at the sun through a microscope

  1. awu says:

    Bah, who needs cohesive, sensible statements? n^(1-e) * sl4x0r + non-j00n1x h4x0r Vijay Vazirani and all that jazz. Speaking of jazz, Cowboy Bebop has jazz but that doesn’t mean I recommend watching it, although actually we did watch it because we got those Best Buy certificates for that tower/team building thing and we went to the Best Buy nearby with Nate and other folks and that’s the first and last DVD I’ve actually bought so far, and it’s not a bad DVD in terms of bit rates perhaps or efficiency in terms of money, but it’s not that awesome of a first five episodes, but still there’s some nice music by Yoko Kanno but then again that title screen was really annoying wasn’t it because it kept on looping but at least it wasn’t as screwy as Happinness was, but I actually just misspelled that right there, because I kinda get tripped up on double letters even though I kind of pretend to be all belletristic from time to time, and no I actually don’t use the thesaurus, although I do like to look up things to make sure I’m using them “correctly” where by correct I mean what I mean not necessarily meaning what some mean of the population would mean to mean, you know what I mean?

  2. yayu says:

    oh no

    sorry to hear about the prolonged injury =( let me know if i can help in anyway. (now you are not just trying to find a way out of playing tennis with me, are you? =P j/k)

  3. Anonymous says:

    matrix reloaded

    It was a pretty cool trailer, except the last scene with the castle and Neo flying like Superman in black.

  4. Anonymous says:

    matrix reloaded

    It was a pretty cool trailer, except the last scene with the castle and Neo flying like Superman in black.


    • aj says:

      Re: matrix reloaded

      Yeah I totally agree — what a cliche. Everything else was pretty fresh, though.