A candle flickered at my feet…

Went to the White Stripes show tonight at the Warfield. The opening band, Whirlwind Heat, was absolutely terrible. The Stripes didn’t quite justify the $38 (!!) or whatever I had shelled out for the show, but it was solid nonetheless. I had to skip dinner because my Decal class went until 7 and I had to take the 7:05 F bus, so instead I had two doughnuts, seven cookies and then a $2 7-11 burrito. Yummy.

What I didn’t mention in my previous post is that while I did break a drumstick, that forced me to switch to guitar, and I wrote the bulk of a new song. Minus lyrics, of course, but still good :).

(from Alex) Total crap quote:
“It’s not free, but it’s 99 cents a song, pretty doggone close,” Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said [of Apple’s new online music initiative].

And, right, gas is not free, but at $2/gallon, it’s pretty doggone close. I’m sure commuters everywhere would agree.

I’m supposed to give half a lecture tomorrow morning (prof is out of town) in addition to my usual discussion section duties, but I am procrastinating like crazy trying to avoid preparing for it. Hence, second LJ entry in one day :).

Oh yeah, someone bugged me about pics I promised to post…
Mt. Tam Photos courtesy of the lovely Rosa
Spring Break Photos courtesy of the lovely James

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3 Responses to A candle flickered at my feet…

  1. ccho says:

    Nice pics, James looks like a stud wearing shades.
    AAC format looks interesting, too bad I don’t have a Mac around to try it out. I also think 99 cents is a little too much for lossy-compressed audio, but I guess we’ll see if his business model works or not.

  2. tadajulia says:

    the bay area!!

    Where were those ocean pictures taken from? It looks vaguely familiar…ah..the Pacific Ocean…and the Golden Gate Bridge. Very nice pictures =) I miss SF.

    • aj says:

      Re: the bay area!!

      Hi Julia,
      Yeah the Spring Break pics are from all down the coast on Route 1. We drove down to San Luis Obispo and stopped a bunch of times along the way. The scenery is just gorgeous… we could have stopped every hundred yards.

      Ah…. California. :)