Sorry for the lack of entries. I’ve been really busy and will continue to be really busy for the next ten days or so. Eek. I promise a full disclosure sometime next week.

In the meanwhile, here’s something you should read:
School district sued over evangelistic crusade

And to counteract that, here’s my desktop picture:

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3 Responses to Negligence

  1. awu says:

    My, my, how you’ve grown since last we met.

  2. jtlu says:

    dude that is the cutest picture ever! it is now my desktop too

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now you have no work – when will we see LJ?!

    Not any more – yeah baby! Free time….mm…. finished everything and have absolutely nothing requiring completion (so what do I do, but read your LJ of course ;)) But I think you can now write lots. Ruminations on leaving I-house after such a year…phew, what a year. ttyl re It All