Competing endeavors

I’ve been devoting the past several nights to coding up that news site I mentioned in my previous entry. It’s nearly done, and I think it looks pretty good :)… I’m in the process of finding somewhere to host it. I guess it’ll go live sometime next week. Problem is, I’ve been neglecting my usual work. Ras was noticeably annoyed today during our weekly meeting. Oh well.

In the meanwhile, I’m going to Vegas this weekend! Should be awesome. Never been there before, and I figure I can’t get a much better introduction than with some of my best high school friends. I’ll let you know if I survive.

Joel invited Matt and me to go rock climbing last Friday at a climbing gym. It was really awesome — I’d never climbed very seriously before, and I found out just how exhausting — and exhilarating — it could be. And I found out that I have more natural talent for climbing than I do for, say, basketball. Okay, that’s not saying much, but it felt good to be good at something right off the bat, as I’m normally a relatively slow learner.

After that was Vivek’s goodbye party, and then ultimate on Saturday and a viewing of the first Harry Potter movie. with Jenny and Melinda. About as good as the first book (which is to say, only decent)… but then again I think I’ve been spoiled by the later books, which are much better.

Oh yeah, the most important bit: the new site needs a name. (That emphasis was added so you entry-skimmers would take notice.) Due to lack of any creativity, its working name is SplagNews, but I get the feeling that maybe the whole ‘Splag’ thing is a bit played out. Maybe not? I’ve also considered the catchier ‘Splinks’. But I’m just bad at coming up with names — any suggestions? I figure if it’s gonna have any respectability, it’s gotta have a good name :).

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4 Responses to Competing endeavors

  1. ccho says:

    call it

    And I found a typo “out” instead of “our”. And climbing is easy if you’re a stick figure.

    • aj says:

      Re: call it

      haha… NewsBoy is pretty good. I’m sticking with ‘NewsBored’ though for now… a better representation of what we’ll be when we’re reading the site.

      Bangalore, haha… never thought of it that way.

      As for your LJ… I think you should keep on posting. That way we’ll immediately see when you have a new entry, rather than having to check your site periodically. (which is hard to do, since all my other friends are on LJ :)

  2. awu says:

    How about “ajitprop” [sic]?