Young MC

The problem with Cruz Bustamante (Lt. Governor of California and candidate in the upcoming recall race) — the reason I can’t take him seriously — is that “Bustamante” just sounds too much like “Bust a Move” would in some foreign language.

No doubt that speaks more about me than it does about our buddy Cruz.

Anyway, the prelim turned out okay. Phew! If you’ve been expecting an email or phone call from me for a long time, be on the lookout :).

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3 Responses to Young MC

  1. jtlu says:

    congrats on having finished the prelim, mofo!

  2. wingerz says:

    congratulations, man. sounded like a bitch to study for.

  3. dianaca4 says:


    I’m expecting an email re: NewsDog.
    I’m very distraught right now.