Recently I’ve mysteriously taken to saying “yeah, right” when I agree with someone. As in “yes, correct” but it sounds almost like the sarcastic “yeah right” so maybe people think I’m actually being contrary all the time and just happen to have a deadpan delivery. Despite this fear, I’ve been unable to shake the habit.

Went exploring by Tilden on Saturday. It was fun, and we had to hack through lots of plants and shrubs since we seemed to have a collective, unconscious aversion to real trails. The downside is that I now have this rash on my forehead that might be from poison oak or sumac or whatever.

The upside is that there’s a new top five overrated actresses in terms of hotness list:
5. Drew Barrymore
4. Cameron Diaz
3. Reese Witherspoon
2. Sarah Jessica Parker
1. Kirsten Dunst

UConn played some of their best basketball ever in a whupping of #7 Oklahoma. Hoooooooo!

I’ve been feeling incredibly lethargic and unproductive lately. My new electric guitar came and it’s quite fun to play but amazingly I seem to be allergic to the coating: if I don’t wear a long-sleeve shirt, my right forearm turns all red and itchy. Bizarre. The lethargy and the guitar are uncorrelated, as I don’t even feel much desire to pick the guitar up.

One fun thing is that I’ve been playing a lot of games lately: Scrabble, Boggle, Settlers of Catan, Scattergories, Taboo, and InPursuit, with a host of people, too: Meera, Maya, Umesh, Jenny, Melinda, Judy, Steve, Koto, Christie, Jonathan, and more. One thing I kind of nostalgically miss is those old role-playing/adventures games you’d stay up all night playing with someone just for the hell of it. You’d complete a bunch of quests, your character would move up a bunch of levels (or your city would be five times bigger, or whatever), and you’d come out at the end of it tired but satisfied that at least you accomplished something concrete, no matter how small.

The problem with life is that there isn’t such a feedback system. You don’t know exactly how much more work you have to do to get to the next level. And unlike the characters in those silly games, you can’t carry an unlimited inventory, or keep all your skills in perfect shape all the time. You have to pick and choose what to keep and what to throw away (both physically and mentally), what to work on and what to let rust. And if you happen to take a wrong turn down in the labyrinth, you can’t Load Game yourself back.

Okay, so that makes life more exciting — after all, sometimes you find a treasure without having to slay any monsters — but a little structure wouldn’t hurt those of us still looking for direction.

(Egads, I’ve out-trite-d myself this time.)

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7 Responses to Object

  1. rwclark says:

    So what’s the point of this overrated hot actress list? But while you’re at it…I have to say I don’t think Reese Witherspoon really belongs on that list. She’s pretty cute and Legally Blonde was a great movie, despite what some may say. If you were willing to define the term “actress” a little loosely, you might want to consider Paris Hilton. Not only is she unattractive, but she is incredibly annoying (this from watching an episode of The Simple Life). Plus she was the number one google search term for the month of November. Can’t get much more overrated than that.

    • aj says:

      There’s no point. It’s just a purely intellectual exercise. I was just sick of hearing guys talk about how hot X is or whatever…

      I still stand by Reese. Yep, she’s pretty cute, but a bunch of the actresses on the list are pretty cute. But it still seems to me that most poeple think she’s hotter than that. — I won’t argue with your about Legally Blonde, but I can say that acting ability did not factor into the list at all.

      As for Paris — yep, annoying. But I don’t think she’s very overrated. Who actually thinks she’s hot? The reason she’s #1 on Google is because everyone wants to see that sex video of hers that leaked…

      • rwclark says:

        I guess I really have no idea who is considered to be hot or not these days. :-)

      • walther says:

        i may be one of the few to admit it, but i think paris is so totally hot. (and i haven’t even seen her sex video or her reality show or anything.) i got into a discussion the other day regarding who the hottest caucasian female actresses are today, and my two votes went to paris and keira knightly. of course, no one ever listens to me about these things since i also think sofia coppola and shirley manson are hot in their own ways too.

        • aj says:

          Paris: eh. Pretty good. She can definitely be made up to look good though. I wonder if that should count. Hmmm.

          Sofia Coppola: can’t agree with you there.

          Shirley Mason: definitely. Definitely. And she’s in her late 30s! Damn.

          Keira Knightley: totally hot.

  2. judytuna says:

    AJ you’re bizzare. Drew Barrymore is SO totally HOT.

    But Cameron Diaz is annoying, I’ll give you that. (To that I’ve known girls to say “what?? how could you say that? she’s so cute and sweet!” Uh no.)

    Another girl that most (asian) girls disgree with me on is Lucy Liu. I think she is SO totally, totally HOT. They say to me “what are you talking about, she’s hellllllla ugly, she has stereotypical slanty asian eyes” … very strange. Maybe something about how they took asian american studies and learned that Lucy Liu says in interviews that she resents being called an asian woman leading asians to succeed in Hollywood or something. Or how we’re not supposed to have slanty eyes?

    And I didn’t talk about the three angels on purpose. I wasn’t even thinking of that movie. I liked Ever After (laugh all you want), and Something about Mary was annoying (except for the random guys playing the song in the tree), and… Lucy Liu is hot.

    (indigo girls!)

    • aj says:

      “Drew Barrymore is SO totally HOT.”
      Well she’s only #5 on my list :).

      Lucy Liu: hot. Not sure what the problem is with having “asian eyes”.

      The Indigo Girls are incredibly good. I love ’em!