The other day I mentioned to a friend that I’ve never kept a journal (except for that one time that I mentioned in my previous entry).

This despite the fact that I actually use Live”Journal”, and write many “entries” in it. I guess I’ve never though of LJ as a journal, strangely enough. It’s for random ramblings, even for keeping track of the things I’ve done (all very journal-like, no doubt). But I’ve always imagined a real journal as one in which you spill out all of your private thoughts — the kind of thing you hide away or password-protect. And I’ve never done any of that. It’s a romanticized view… I guess those Bronte sisters really did the trick on me back in high school.

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    Very true, AJ. should call themselves for that is what it is. No one would, or at least should, keep a real “journal” online, unpassword-protected. Keep up the romanticized notion and let’s hope it never dies, in this reality-tv, image-compressed world of self-presentation and instant, available “identity” we should celebrate private thoughts without feeling everything must be shared. Your blog hits the nail right on the head what it’s all about, I think, and is exactly what we want to be reading :)