Okay, so this will interest about, hmm, 0% of people reading this (unless I re-read it myself, haha), but American Analog Set are touring with Pinback this spring! This actually sucks, though, because they’re not coming out to California at all — although of course they’re playing at the Paradise, one of my favorite rock clubs in Boston.

Damn east-coasters have all the fun.

I’ve somehow been hearing a lot of music from my high school years in the last couple of days: the first Counting Crows album, some Gin Blossoms on the radio last night, and now the Smashing Pumpkins. Some of my friends seem to outgrow their music tastes and habits every couple of years, but somehow it all still sounds good to me.

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2 Responses to Nooooo

  1. wingerz says:

    ha! >0%. i’ve been listening to them a lot lately. :)

    • aj says:

      cool! you should definitely go to the show then. also pinback is really good (although not quite as good as amanset :) — give ’em a listen too.