Check your head

… it says to me, and I should listen.

Ever did something with the best possible intentions and have it turn out in the worst possible way? It’s a quick and easy way to realize that you have no idea how the world actually works. Good for the ol’ humility, though.

UConn had a great weekend — a crushing victory over Villanova on Friday night (although I ended up TiVoing it and watching it on Saturday morning, after successfully isolating myself from any news sources in the meanwhile), and then last night an awesome nail-biter of a victory over Pitt, 61-58, to win the Big East championship. Looks like all the talent is finally coming together …. and then today Maryland pulled off a huge overtime upset over Duke to win the ACC title, which could not have been cooler.

It was a good time for basketball to get good.

(The Boys speak again: “So whatcha-whatcha-whatcha want?” goes the current song. Good question.)

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2 Responses to Check your head

  1. joyousx says:

    whoa! i was watching the maryland vs. duke game from our hotel room today, and didn’t get to see the end cuz we had to check out at noon. i assumed the game was basically over (duke was way up). what an upset!

    • aj says:

      Yeah it was awesome. It resulted in Maryland getting a totally inflated seed, and probably toughened Duke up for the tournament, but it was definitely worth it.