Man, I am so exhausted. I have no idea why I’m updating now.

I’m in the 95th percentile in my March Madness bracket. Go UConn!

The wedding this past weekend was awesome. James and Erin were wonderful.

I was excited to see what the south was like. Turns out that it (at least Birmingham) is the same as everywhere else. People weren’t even appreciably nicer. Oh well.

Some pictures from the wedding, chronologically, courtesy of Wing:
Happy people
We wanted to get him strippers, but had to make do ourselves
Not sure why I look so sleazy here, but I like it
The lovely couple
The, er, other lovely couple
Someone had a little too much to drink! (Not me!)
Decompression at IHOP

Too tired to write out any real thoughts right now. Next time, maybe: thoughts on tradition. Explanation of AJ’s triumvirate of attractiveness: cuteness, hotness, beauty.

Actually here’s a thought, one that I’ve had many times as I’ve trekked in various places: do you think you’ve ever set foot anywhere where no other person has ever walked before? Just one step, maybe, slightly off the beaten path, that no one else has done?

I’m not so sure I have. The world’s a big place, but then again there have been a lot of people. History has taught me that originality is usually exaggerated. Would be cool, though. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow!

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  1. ccho says:

    Congrats again James and Mrs. Coleman!

    Nice pictures (retouched?), haven’t seen a lot of faces for a couple years. William looks 20 years older, Grant looks more normal, but everyone else looks pretty much the same. :)

  2. wingerz says:

    actually, i thought people were nicer. i had a few nice random conversations with people, and when jen and i got lost on the way to the canteen, everyone at chick-fil-a wanted to help us.

    • aj says:

      It’s certainly possible that I just got unlucky… also I didn’t get to see as much of the South as you did.

      Perhaps I will hold off on making a full-fledged generalization until I’ve made a few more trips down there :)

  3. ratatosksv says:

    Right now, I’m in the 94.4th percentile… And fortunately my top two teams are still in it (Oklahoma State and UConn). I’d be better off if Wake had won tonight, but I’m glad to see St. Joe’s prove that it deserves the #1 seed it got.

  4. judytuna says:

    chik-fil-a??? that’s in a ben folds song (army)

    in 2nd grade i thought a lot about how even if i tried to stand in the same place i stood a moment ago, i might always be a millionth of a millimeter off, and maybe nobody could truly stand in the same place i was currently standing ever again. does that count?

    • aj says:

      Chik-fil-a — yeah, a great song. I remember seeing him live a couple of times and each time he played it he mentioned how in real life it was a Hardees (I think) but he changed it to Chik-fil-a in the song for some reason or another.

      Standing in the same place — wow, I never thought of it like that! Funny how the same question can be answered in completely opposite ways depending on a slight alteration in interpretation. I meant “stepping somewhere that does not overlap with anyone else’s footsteps, ever”, but perhaps I can feel more unique (yes, “more unique” :) by thinking that I’m always stepping somewhere new :).

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I’d agree with the lil’ monkey…the mix of formal and informal wear is tres cool man. I love that you were accidentally fashionable. I’d also agree with the rabbit, you’re looking good mate. It’s nice to see you.


  6. Yue says:

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