Before I get back to work…

My brain spewed out some poetry (if you can call it that) in response to a piece of code I wrote.

The code:

    Black -> weight
  | Gray -> 0.
  | White -> begin
    weight <- List.fold_left (fun x y -> x +. do_one_edge y) freq outs ;
    float (weight_block edge.tob)

You don’t have to know what it does; looking at the words might help though. In fact, I’m guessing the poem will make more sense if you stare at the code for a while.
(I’m proud of not taking advantage of the obvious “freak-outs”, btw. That was too low, even for me.)

gray is worth nothing:
the cause, a digital universe
but life is not so terse

black is just weight: of expectations

white, though…
a relationship:
begins to (un)fold — lists, lusts, trysts,
fight, might cite erstwhile delight
no? good night
(just like that,)
left to right
sounds like fun (x y)
do one?


additions; confusions
frequent delusions
outs and ins
cardinal(ity) sins

floating edges
of gloating


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5 Responses to Before I get back to work…

  1. huh

    i like it. reminds me of the pascal poetry that my dear friend Lisa used to write. wonder what she’s up to these days…

  2. cychan says:

    dude, that was awesome.

  3. ccho says:

    nice job

    Interesting poem!

  4. aj says:

    Thanks guys!

    It seems like everyone who actually ready the poem knows how to code. I think I scared everyone else away!

    (… although it certainly has its own meaning …)

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: Thanks guys!

      I read it! And I liked it. Of course, I don’t get the code. =0)