“I got wiring loose inside my head… I got books I never ever read”

As usual, I’m too lazy to write about something substantial, although I have a couple of ideas brewing. Maybe next time.

Allow me to repeat my request for browser typo fixers. It would be so easy for a web browser to check your URL when you type it in, and automatically fix common errors like “.cmo”, “.eud”, “wwww”, etc. I’m sure I’m not the only one who makes such mistakes. Also, if you keep a browser history, it could check for name similarities, and fix typos like “www.vangaurd.com” instead of “www.vanguard.com”. How come no one does this already?

This past 12 month period was clearly the greatest sports year ever for fans in Connecticut, and, you might argue, the greatest year ever for any set of regional sports fans. Two Super Bowl titles, a World Series Championship and the greatest comeback ever in the history of baseball, and two NCAA titles for the Huskies, the state’s beloved college team. Has anything better than this ever happened, anywhere?

Have you ever tried to buy shoes online? I do occasionally, since sometimes I know exactly what kind of shoes I want (I’m an ASICS freak, for instance, and I always play indoor/turf soccer in Sambas). There seems to be this weird conspiracy among online shoe sellers, even those that apparently have independent brick-and-mortar stores: they all seem to sell shoes out of the same warehouse. They have exactly the same options in terms of shoe size and color. Even weirder, their prices differ slightly, and they have marginally different shipping offers. Actually the shipping cost is exactly the same, but some offer free shipping for $79 orders and over, and others $99 and over.

Say you want to buy a pair of Adidas Gazelles. The following stores all have only sizes 7.5 and 8. MC Sports offers it for $45 but everyone else lists $50.
MC Sports
Dick’s Sporting Goods
City Sports
The list goes on, too. I guess it’s just cheaper to consolidate. I wonder who arranged all of this?

I played some ping pong with my friend Percy this past summer at Microsoft, and during the last few days of our internship, I recorded us playing with my digital camera’s video feature. I promised him I’d edit all the clips (maybe 45 minutes worth) into one kickass video, but I’ve been way too lazy, moreso once I found out how incredibly boring it is to edit video. Here is a sample though:

Sorry it’s in WMV, but I don’t feel like buying movie software…
Haha, what a bunch of geeks we are. I love it.

One final thing: when you buy a food product in the United States, it is required to state, among other things, its caloric content. As far as I know, this is measured by putting it into a bomb calorimeter and measuring the amount of energy released in kilocalories when you explode it. But I’m not sure how much this has to do with how your body digests food. An extreme example is a gallon of gasoline: it has like 30,000 Calories, but I’m guessing if you drank it, you wouldn’t get that much energy out of it. More realistically, I imagine there are some foods that have the same number of calories, but differ in how many Calories your body can actually extract from them. Or is this not true? (It would be pretty incredible if your body could somehow metabolize all energy.) If it is true, it seems like calorie counts could be a lot more accurate than they are now.

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10 Responses to “I got wiring loose inside my head… I got books I never ever read”

  1. snafuuu says:

    I just wanted to say that I love Gazelles. I had red suede ones for years, but the soles recently split, and now I’m wearing red low-top Chuck Taylors. So now I have more indie cred, but I miss my Gazelles.

    • aj says:

      Haha, yeah, I love Gazelles too. I think you could get even more indie cred by going anti-indie (since *everyone* is wearing Chuck Taylors these days) and wearing Gazelles instead :).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think we should have AJ drink some gasoline and see how his body deals with it ;)


  3. Anonymous says:

    It is, indeed, the case that your body processes different food with different levels of efficiency. I believe this is why Atkins “works”: your body’s metabolic pathway for carbs is the most optimized, and when you eat only proteins and fats your body is using a less efficient pathway. (Of course, putting that high a load on your protein/fat metabolic pathway is probably really unhealthy in the long run.)

    That said, the food companies must have a way to subtract the energy from stuff like cellulose, which has energy but which your body cannot digest.

    • aj says:

      Exactly. However, I don’t think that food companies actually do this. Or if they, do it must be regulated federally. (Or else I could be very liberal in subtracting “undigestable” calories from my fatty food.) I wonder where I could find out about this.

      • huh

        I always thought it was just (grams of digestible fat) x 9 + (grams of protein) x 4 + (grams of digestible carbohydrate) x 4.

        I’ve never found a food on which this doesn’t add up (though I don’t spend my time checking every package I see). And if you looked at products containing olestra (remember olestra – the undigestible fat?) the caloric total only included calories from non-olestra fats in the product. Similarly with dietary fiber and carbs.

        As for the atkins thing, I know for sure that it takes more energy per calorie for your body to digest protein and fats, but if I remember correctly, that difference is sufficently small that it can’t possibly account for anyone actually losing weight.

        • aj says:

          Re: huh

          Hm yeah that makes sense. But how do they count “grams of digestible fat”? Say from a piece of broccoli? That’s a great point about Olestra — the must do it the way you say.

  4. ccho says:

    Browser typo fixers

    Why not write a Firefox extension? :) Would it be automatic or would the browser have you change it interactively? It could be useful, though currently I usually use the autocomplete history list to choose the URL I want if it’s in my history. Firefox handles it pretty well, using visited frequency to prioritize.

  5. Anonymous says:


    Aaw, that really makes me miss those old I House ping pong days in the game room. Now outfitted with a huge tv and sofas and glass mural. Ah, not like back in the day, playing in the cold, bland room all for the game, baby. Let’s play one lunch! See you Friday?
    B x

  6. best year ever…

    yeah, connecticut has it now, but vermont will top it when the catamounts win the NCAA title.