Full circle

Several years ago I worked at IBM on a product called SashXB. It was written about twice in Wired, first here, and then here. The second article featured some pretty mangled quotes by me (which make me sound like an arrogant retard, and for which I got crap from my co-workers for quite a while thereafter ;), but more importantly a totally bogus quote from “Jerome Denman, a systems administrator for a Wall Street investment firm.” We figured that the dude was made up, and just chalked it up to the poor standards in journalism today.

Today, this story came out on Slashdot, about how Wired is retracting or correcting hundreds of stories written by one Michelle Delio, since she may have fabricated quotes. Curious, I looked back on those old Sash stories, and who wrote them? Yep, Michelle Delio.

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7 Responses to Full circle

  1. snafuuu says:

    I can’t wait to see someone misquote Cy terribly in the upcoming Wall Street Journal article. I <3 shitty journalism!!

    This was my favorite part in the /. thread:

    [After someone posts a picture of Michelle Delio:] How did you get a picture of a Harbor seal wearing lipstick?

    [Reply:] Rub lipstick on a herring, and feed it to the seal. What’s really tough it getting it to rest its chin on its flipper.

  2. f18225 says:

    haha, your quote is hilarious.

  3. awu says:

    Bwaha ha. Hmm! AJ, finally cleared after all these years.

  4. judytuna says:

    DeCadence does a Neutral Milk Hotel song. King of Carrot Flowers pt 1. It’ll be on our upcoming cd which you should consider preordering. ha ha ha

  5. joyousx says:

    just catching up on lj.. wow, what a fantastic quote. :D i particularly liked, “i was a fairly experienced programmer who didn’t need to rely on javascript”. :D i can only imagine the jokes you must have made about “mr. denman”, too.

    well, i’m glad things finally came full circle. though your notoriety in certain circles might only increase as a result, at least you’ve finally been exonerated!