Here are some pictures from Aspen, Colorado. Actually the first two pictures are from Berkeley before I left. The thumbnails don’t do several of them justice, so look closely (if you care…)!

I am thinking of converting this LJ to more of a photo blog (maybe with some songs thrown in). I think ultimately people like looking at pictures, and most of the other stuff I write ends up being pretty boring on second read. We’ll see how it goes for the time being.

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12 Responses to Aspen

  1. jcliao says:

    i like your writing! please don’t turn this into only a photoblog (although your pics are awesome too).

    for some reason the first pic reminds me of something out of LOTR. where in berkeley was that?

    • aj says:

      I took it from the top of the Rose Garden (North Berkeley) on a foggy day. Way behind those clouds is the Golden Gate Bridge!

      Thanks for the compliment! However, upon reading some entries again, even I have to admit that they’re boring — and I wrote them! Perhaps I’ll just try to up the bar on what’s considered LJ-worthy…

  2. wingerz says:

    wow, those mountains are terrifying. i’m going to have nightmares about them.

  3. green518 says:

    aww, stick with both! I like reading what you have to say too.

    Beautiful pictures as usual. I love the first and the last. Did you go backpacking there?

    • aj says:

      Nope, just day hikes. Aspen is pretty amazing, though: it’s a tiny town (6000 people) in a tiny valley surrounded by huge mountains. So you can get to most trailheads by a 10 minute walk from your apartment. I have to admit, it’s got Berkeley beaten in that respect :).

  4. ccho says:

    Very scenic. I like the balloon (water balloon?) being supported by the water, but it is cut off a bit too high. If you want to create a photoblog I would recommend flickr. It is more community-oriented and has better features such as image tagging and creating notes on an overlay of the image (cool feature).

    • aj says:

      Actually my focus there was on the two kids, whom I think are incredibly cute.

      • ccho says:

        Which is what I figured, but I like the balloon!

        • aj says:

          Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Those kids were fascinated by it. The one in the foreground would put it on a spout, watch it float for a while, and then knock it off, and repeat. The one in the back just strutted around, posturing (even flexing once!). Ha.

          I saw the same two kids the next day at the park. The posturer grabbed the purse of his babysitter and started running with it across the park, with her in tow! (Not a good sign…)

          The other little dude slipped into a parked golf cart and had a ball pretending to drive it around. He even managed to turn the blinkers on.

          These guys must be total hell to babysit, but they’re definitely entertaining.

    • kejordan says:

      I agree. I love Flickr! It has better features than other photo sharing sites I have seen.

  5. judytuna says:


    1. Those are pretty. I especially like the field with close-up of flowers on the left.

    2. flickr is awesome. Someone else already mentioned the coolest feature, which is tagging. You can host the pictures there and grab thumbnails to put on your lj as you currently do. For your own photos you’ve got titles, descriptions, notes, comments, organized sets; then there’s community-stuff and groups and you can find some really beautiful pictures just browsing randomly.

    3. Do you keep a personal journal? I don’t–I use lj as a brain-dump–but maybe I should. Haha. I guess I don’t care about the quality of my writing because it’s mostly for me; if people don’t want to read it they won’t (and lj-cut even saves scrolling down a big block of text!), and it’s an easy way of telling a bunch of people about something I did. I guess there are better avenues for that but I’m antisocial (and proWoW).

    • aj says:


      1. Thanks!

      2. Yeah I agree flikr is good, but it still confuses me (possibly because I am a retard). You can’t (it seems) easily embed your pics in your journal, and when I click on someone’s flikr link, I am sent to a page that says “123123123 photos in stream” or something, and I have no idea which ones to look at. I guess I am just a luddite….

      3. I don’t. And I also don’t write anything particularly personal here. It’s not so much the quality of the writing that I am concerned about as the content… I have a tendency to ramble, I think.