Someone should shut me up.

Bad coinage of the day…
Condition of trying to stay single: amor-atorium

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9 Responses to Someone should shut me up.

  1. ratatosksv says:


    That coinage is truly a grand accomplishment. You deserve an award!

    • snafuuu says:

      I had a feeling the 1 comment was from you.

    • walther says:

      hahaha! =) i agree with brandon. i bet he wants to give you an additional award for referencing dream theater too. also, aj, i neglected to mention in your previous posts that i’m loving your latest photos. some of my friends down here in la and i especially like the one of the squirrel on your foot.

      • aj says:

        Hmm, I’m not sure if you guys are being sarcastic. But I’ll take it.

        Btw, on first listen, the new DT album is only so-so. Not as good as their previous effort!

        I like the one of the chipmunk on my foot too. Somehow I think I am the “right kind” of patient for animals… they usually like me after a while. If only I could say the same for girls! ;)

        • walther says:

          doh, chipmunk! and yes, i too often wish that i could get girls to perch on my foot! =P

          • aj says:

            Haha. Btw, i have often written “chimpunk” by mistake. I can see it being the subtitle for a Far Side cartoon, which shows a bunch of chimps lounging around with mohawks and skateboards, etc. Hrm, maybe he actually did that?

        • ratatosksv says:

          I figured that would kinda be the general concensus of the DT album. Another of my LJ friends with similar musical tastes reviewed it for me in an entry a few days ago. I don’t know whether I’ll pick it up or not – I’ll probably have to listen all the way through it first.

          As to my praise for the pun, you should look at my LJ interests (under the letter R) to see if I’m being sarcastic. After all, I measure the success of my humor by the intensity of the groaning.

          • aj says:

            Haha… well, if you like them, I have plenty more that are awful.
            the highest apartment in the building: penthouse
            the second-highest apartment in the building: penultimate-house


  2. judytuna says:

    Hey, likes dream theater. Keys going up the scale in order starting from c minor, complete with key signatures on each page! Fancy.