Do some good

A family friend of ours, Steve Bethune (roughly my age, incredibly nice guy), is running across the country. 30 miles a day, every day, until he gets to California from New York.

It’s pretty amazing, especially since he’s 6’5″. Check out the website, his blog, and pictures.

He’s doing it all for charity, the American Heart Association. It’s a truly remarkable feat. If you’ve been thinking about making a charitable donation but need some impetus, here’s one. He’s a long way from his modest goal, and it’s too bad. Help out if it moves you.

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7 Responses to Do some good

  1. ccho says:

    Nice, more interesting than Fat Man Walking.

  2. judytuna says:

    Does he have a sister in an a cappella group at UC Santa Cruz?

    • aj says:

      Not sure if she does a capella, but his sister Katie is at Santa Cruz.

      • judytuna says:

        have we already had this conversation? there was someone else who also knew katie from cloud nine and asked me about her because i was friends with her on the facebook… was that you?

        • aj says:

          Maybe, I don’t know. When I posted it I had some deja vu, as if I had already written about this on LJ. Did you post something on LJ about a capella? More likely than facebook because I hardly ever go there. But now that you mention it, I vaguely remember a similar conversation. Weird.

  3. what does being 6’5″ have to do with it?

    • aj says:

      Oh, just that most distance or ultra-distance runners tend to be pretty short. I guess it’s harder to carry all that extra weight around, or to balance with a higer center of gravity, or something. Dunno.