So I’m doing this ESPN Tourney Challenge thing. Right now I’m in the 99.6th percentile, above all but 0.4% of entrants. And yet, due the the law of “the internet is frigging gigantic”, I’m still ranked 12199th. How can I feel good about that?

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  1. aj says:

    Good question

    By my rough estimate, somewhere around 97-98%. People are dumb :)

    • walther says:

      Re: Good question

      i’d also like to know the current status of an all-favorites bracket. my guess is that it would be lower than 97-98%, partly because i think that there are a lot of all-favorites brackets that people have entered into the overall espn pool. last year i submitted an all-favorites (up through the final four) bracket as one of my 5 espn tourney challenge entries, based on the assumption that the selection committee was probably a better evaluator of the programs’ relative strength than i was. i wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of other people were equally unoriginal in this year’s espn tourney challenge (as a minor support of this, i just saw online that only 2 out of this year’s 3.65m espn brackets correctly picked the entire sweet 16). this year, i was more self-confident and arrogant, as evidenced by the current 75.6 percentile standing of the only bracket i submitted.

      99.6 is pretty sweet — i hope you are using that bracket in a smaller pool to make some cash money!