You might have heard about this from me already, but if not, here’s my latest project with my friend Arlo:

(click on the image to go to the site)

It’s a way to browse through items via visual similarity. Right now we have women’s and men’s shoes, handbags, watches, and eyewear, but we’re looking to add more stuff as well.

If you like it, please spread the word!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Modista is a company?

    Interesting …

    Can such similarity measure be applied to any object class? fruits, sports, jobs, and maybe humans?

    • aj says:

      Re: Modista is a company?

      Yes, it’s a company.

      The technology can be applied to many different object classes, but some are harder than others. Also, if the images have distracting background elements, that can make life difficult too.

  2. lastquestion says:

    I think this is very cool. I hope that you can do the right (and lucky) things to get this in front of millions of people. It’s awesome!

    • lastquestion says:

      immediate thought: apply these to lights. I am trying to buy a light right now and it is really hard to actually specify what I want in terms that a textual search engine can find for me.

      I wish I had modista for lamps.