Photos from Africa

I have a clear favorite (in terms of artistic quality, not content). See if you can guess which one it is!

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6 Responses to Photos from Africa

  1. wingerz says:

    dude i hope it’s the camel smiling in front of the pyramid!

    can’t wait for a marathon photo evening when f&g are back too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    these pictures are fantastic. really fantastic.


  3. johnxorz says:

    These are amazing pictures. So many of them are striking, I couldn’t guess which is your favorite.

  4. wasabisabi says:

    The tree-rodent shot is definitely my favorite. But then I have a thing for tree rodents.

  5. green518 says:

    Wow, those are some seriously amazing pics! I love the one with the zebras and the other of the sunset on the water. And of course the camels! Looks like it was an awesome trip. :)

  6. aj says:

    Hey, thanks guys! Pretty easy to take decent pictures when you’re in such an awesome place…

    Anyway, got it right — my favorite is the zebra/wildebeest migration picture:

    From Egypt and Tanzania

    Got really lucky on that one.