Shoeing Horses

A few years ago I saw an Idlewild show in SF. The local opening band was called Why? and put on an incredible show. I picked up their album Elephant Eyelash (amazing lyrics), and investigated some other artists on their label/collective, Anticon, such as cLOUDDEAD. All good stuff.

However, I vividly recalled one song they played during the live set that (a) I thought was awesome, (b) featured a dude playing the vibraphone and the drums at the same time, and (c) was not on any of these albums.

After a while I forgot about Why? and only recently found out that they’ve released a new album that has the mystery song on it! The song is called “A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under”, and is just about as good as I remembered, sans a bit of live electricity.

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(After listening to it, but only then, watch the video if you’re interested.)

I can’t stop listening to it. Well, except to listen to Motherlover, of course.

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