My mind was just blown

As you may know, I like the band House of Freaks. About 10 years ago they led me to the excellent September 67 album Lucky Shoe, on which Bryan Harvey played on a few tracks. September 67’s principal member was Shannon Worrell, and I tracked down her (at the time) two solo albums, Three Wishes and The Moviegoer.* They’re both quality recordings, and strongly evoke that period of my life whenever I listen to them.

The girl who introduced me to House of Freaks in ninth grade also introduced me to They Might Be Giants at the same time, and I quickly became a huge fan. I lost interest with the release of the mediocre Mink Car album in 2001 (released on September 11th, actually), though I owned every album up till that point and listened to them religiously. For some reason or other, I checked up on them recently, and picked up 2007’s The Else a few weeks ago. It’s an amazingly terrific album. Here are two of my favorite songs.

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Anyway, some late night browsing led me to their Wiki site, which revealed that John Linnell’s wife, Karen Brown, produced Shannon Worrell’s The Moviegoer, and John actually played accordion on it! I had no idea; I had never bothered reading the liner notes to the album since they were handwritten and small. So I just checked it, and there he is. More amazingly, Bryan Harvey and Johnny Hott (of HoF) of also play on the album. So: Harvey, Hott, and Linnell, all on the same obscure, out of print CD that I’ve owned for 10 years and never knew. Dang.

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* Impressively, when I view the album on Amazon, it’s out of print and only available for digital download, but Amazon reminds me: “Instant Order Update for AJ Shankar. You purchased this item on May 9, 2000.” That’s a good memory, Amazon! So “about 10 years ago” is pretty accurate. Amazon also lets me view the entire order, which also included Martin Sexton’s Black Sheep (excellent), Magnet’s Don’t Be a Penguin (nowhere near as good as their other album, Shark Bait), and Luna’s Bewitched (also excellent). All in all, a high-quality order.

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2 Responses to My mind was just blown

  1. walther says:

    aaah, Luna’s Bewitched — the only album i know of the ones you reference here, but it warms my heart to even read mention of it. what a great album.

    • aj says:

      Heart-warming, indeed

      It really is a great album. Actually, the first Luna album I ever got, The Days of Our Nights, always reminds me of walking through the snow in Cambridge Commons on the way from the Quad to class, with my Discman (!) in my bag and Dean’s voice crooning in my ears. Yeah, those were the days.