Another winding tale; more catchy music

OkCupid is a free dating website that has an outstanding blog. The blog is really interesting because the creators of the site mine massive amounts of user interaction data to expose preferences and inefficiencies, so to speak, in the dating “market”. They’re fairly rigorous with the analysis, though of course it’s hard to draw universal conclusions. Regardless, it’s a fun read and provides some insight into human psychology. (Only one entry is displayed per page, so make sure to view “Older Entries”.)

I’m happy that OkCupid is getting some recognition for the blog. It has an interesting history. Its creators (or at least their core) all went to college together. After college they founded The Spark, which was an awesome humor/quiz site. It got a lot of traffic, but I’m guessing it didn’t make a lot of money, since they then launched SparkNotes, which was a free alternative to Cliff’s Notes. It did really well and was acquired by Barnes and Noble. Now they’re on to OkCupid.

There are two reasons why I’m interested in their story. The first is that one of the founders, Sam Yagan, was my TA for both of my intro CS classes in college. He was awesome, and a major reason why I got into computer science in the first place. So I’m thrilled he’s doing well.

The second is that another founder, Christian Rudder, is one of two members of the band Bishop Allen. They write incredibly catchy indie rock.

Their first album, Charm School, is 100% great. Their second is okay, but the third, Grrr…, is a fantastic return to form, though not quite as consistent as the debut. Find them all here. Anyway, here are some songs – start your foot-tapping now! Bishop Allen is back, baby.

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  1. ceida says:

    That OkCupid blog is awesome. I’m going to bookmark it! Thanks