Pinback is another band I like that you may not have heard of. Umesh has described them as the quintessential “AJ” band, since they embody a lot of characteristics that I like in indie-ish music.

They have three incarnations, all of which in their best forms are immensely listenable: the first and most unique is angular, with interesting rhythmic and harmonic constructions; the second is poppy; and the third is “indie”. Here are three respective tracks.

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If you don’t like any of those three songs, then you won’t like Pinback. If you do like them, here are some more.

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On a side note, it’s really irritating to have to share music via YouTube. I used to use Lala, but then Apple bought them and shut them down. If you look at my earlier posts, you’ll now find a bunch of broken links. I’m working on a longer-term solution…

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