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A year ago this past Sunday, Bekah and I got married. It was awesome.

I try not to post personal stuff here, but I will talk about the music, which we had a lot of fun selecting. We played Sigur Ros’s heavenly “Svefn-G-Englar” as we walked down the aisle, had some friends cover Iron & Wine’s “Resurrection Fern” during the ceremony, and used songs by Leo Kottke, Luna, and the Magnetic Fields for the slide show.

The dinner and reception were in a barn, and we rolled our own music for that, too. I’ve dug up as much as I could of the playlists (we changed them on the fly, and I only have a portion of the originals), and offer you a challenge: name as many artists and song titles as you can, from only the first 10 seconds of each song. Of course, no Googling or other cheating. That ruins the fun!

Here are the 10-second snippets from the reception, where we stuck with favorites for the most part. There are 48, so the clip is around eight minutes long.

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Fairly standard stuff, on the whole. Give yourself half a point for each artist and half a point for each song title you can name. Rate yourself as follows:

Points Rating
0-15 Really? Stop listening to indie music and turn on MTV!
16-35 Solid. What I’d expect out of someone in my age group who listens to the radio.
36-48 Very impressive. You even got the obscure ones!

If you thought that was easy, here’s more of a challenge. We veered off into indie/folk territory for the background music during the dinner – aiming for quiet, pretty songs that weren’t sad (which eliminates about 90% of quiet, pretty songs).

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Points Rating
0-4 Really? Stop watching MTV and listen to some other music! Just kidding.
5-8 Solid for a casual listener. You probably got the ones your parents listened to.
9-13 Good for a folkie.
14-22 Very impressive. We seem to have the same taste in quiet music…
23-26 Amazing. You are a god among mortals.

I did leave one song out, because it’s very hard to get – it’s never even been released on an actual album, as far as I know. One bonus point each for the artist, the title, and the original artist of this song. No Googling!

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If you’d like you check your answers, post them in the comments below. But to avoid ruining the fun for everyone else, make your text white, as follows: (1) Click on the “Don’t auto-format” checkbox. (2) Surround your comment with a <div> tag, as follows:

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