Weather Permitting

I’ve been to a lot of weddings in my day — 27 by last count.*  The one we went to last weekend might have had the most unique atmosphere, literally. It was on Hang Glider Site #3 at Mount Tam, and the conditions were pretty much whiteout fog. I think we were standing out an outcropping overlooking the sea, but who knows. Anyway, it was super awesome. Congrats to Dave and Natalie!

A while back, I discussed The Meaning of Liff, in which real place names are associated with “things that there aren’t any words for yet”, and suggested some additional examples. Here are some more:

The experience, marked by a quiet elation, of reading a New Yorker article about a random topic and realizing that it is going to be ridiculously interesting.

NOME (n.)
The combination of irritation and anger that results when one fills a bowl with cereal only to realize that one is out of milk.

Where such an event takes place.

Okay, that last one’s a cheap shot, but I couldn’t resist.

* Unfortunately, we’re at the point in our lives where we sadly can’t attend all of them anymore. Which reminds me: you know you’ve grown up when (a) the thing you lack is no longer opportunity or money, but time; and (b) you have no desire to be famous.

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4 Responses to Weather Permitting

  1. love the photographs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dave and I are so glad you two made it! The weather really wasn’t what we anticipated, but it turned out pretty cool. :-)

    • Anonymous says:


      Looking at these great photos is just like being there again.This was a really wonderful day for Natalie and Dave. Thank you for including us in it. We love you, Dad and Karen