Quiz Results!

In my last post, I had a short quiz. If you haven’t taken it yet, do so now! Once you look at the results, your own answers won’t count.

View the results!
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2 Responses to Quiz Results!

  1. n says:

    10% is really hard for people to differentiate, especially to overcome a known bias. I also believe people think of circle size in terms of radius, not in proportion to area, so 10% area difference is microscopic in terms of radius difference and is certainly not detectable within 7s — so I would kill that question entirely or rewrite it.

    I would love to see the experiment re-run with a blindingly obvious difference (say 25%+ difference or with a larger population set to discover the differentiting threshold among both those who have seen it before and those who have not). Trouble is you’ll need to make a lot more (new) friends to rerun it…

    • aj says:

      I agree about the area question. In setting up the quiz, I actually tried 10% of both diameter and area, but found the former so blindingly obvious that I feared it would give the whole game up. In retrospect I should have done 10% of diameter but placed it as the third question so as not to ruin the other two.

      The length and shade questions, by the way, are very differentiable even at 10%. If you remove the arrows and the background boxes, they are still quite discernibly different to the naked eye. Of course, the additional ornaments serve to heighten the difference. As for having to overcome the bias, it is exactly that bias I was trying to expose.

      I agree that it would be neat to push the limits to something semi-ludicrous, say 25%, just to see how many people would still answer incorrectly. But as you pointed out, I only have one set of friends, and I tried to make the best guess I could. When you’re making the test, adding in the ornaments yourself, even 10% feels like it stretches the bounds of credulity — try it. That was my mistake.