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NewsDog aspires to be a low-noise news community that focuses on thought-provoking news articles and commentary. The assumption is that most of its members read the headlines daily, so the emphasis is on news items that describe longer-lasting or more profound phenomena (although the posting of headlines is certainly cool too).

Another assumption is that NewsDog members are genuinely interested in the articles and comments they post. Therefore, all submissions on the site are unmoderated; once you have an account, you can post any kind of content you wish, as often as you want. Hopefully this is more of a feature than a problem, as it effects a totally open environment for discussion -- please post anything you enjoyed reading, pretty much.

In any case, I hope to grow the site with its users, as requested features are implemented and old bugs quashed. So if you don't like something on the site, please be vocal about it! A good place to start is the feedback page.

To register, send me an email (aj at newsdog dot info) with the username you'd like. I'll provide you with a temporary password that you can change once you log in. Usernames are displayed case-sensitively but logins are not. So if you'd like your name to be displayed as 'Bongo', choose 'Bongo' as your username; you can still log in with 'bongo'. Email addresses will only be displayed to other registered users. Passwords are encrypted both on the server and in the cookie on your computer (if you choose to stay logged in) so that neither I nor anyone else can see them.

NewsDog was written entirely in Perl. No images were harmed in the making of the site. MySQL is the back-end database.

If you are interested in using this code for a site of your own, please contact me.

AJ Shankar
aj at newsdog dot info
2 August 2003