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Haggling for Hot Dogs
Posted by: manu_s 9:33am, Friday, 18 December 2009
Everything is open to negotiation. Everything. For three months, the author treated the world that way. This is what ensued.
So it was that while haggling over an eighty-hour TiVo at Circuit City, I blurted out, "It's for my son!" And, realizing that that made me about as remarkable as a sneeze, I added, without thinking, "He's narcoleptic!" A complete lie. First, I already have a forty-hour TiVo. Furthermore, my son is no narcoleptic. In point of fact, he might even be encouraged to watch a little less television. But I spun out a tale of a boy who needed to rewind television when he woke up from his sudden fits of sleep. It was all very sad, but we had learned to cope. The salesman called the manager. The manager told me there had been a kid like that in his French class in high school. I might need a bigger memory cache if my son slept more than thirty minutes at a pop. He made suggestions. "Does he fall asleep during sports, too?" he asked earnestly. Then he gave me a price, sixty dollars below list. I thanked him, told him I needed to talk to my ex-wife, then took the price and drove across the street to Best Buy, where I got them to knock off another twenty bucks.
manu_s says: Fun read.

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false economy
Posted by: mmc 3:05pm, Friday, 18 December 2009
Popov at 80% list price still has negative value! Thanks for the fun read.

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