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Magic wand bomb detector deemed fraudulent, inventor imprisoned
Posted by: AJ 8:31pm, Sunday, 24 January 2010
Remember back a few months when news broke about a little device that claimed to detect different sorts of bombs? The ones that the Iraqi government spent $85 million on over the last few years even though American military commanders and the FBI stated that they simply donít work. Well, as we all assumed, the ADE-651 is a sham. Itís just a dirty racket. Good thing that the British government finally caught on, banned the device and threw the inventor in jail. (Heís out on bail as of writing)

It seems that the heart of the device is ID badge-sized cards that are supposed to be used for detecting different items. There are different cards for everything from TNT, plastique, to even money and elephants. However, as the Cambridge Computer Laboratory found out, these cards contain nothing more than a dumb RFID tag. Seriously, watch the BBC investigation video after the jump.

AJ says: Definitely read the NYTimes article about this first. Hard to believe.

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