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Brutality charged as Pittsburgh police defend 'fist strikes' on teen
Posted by: AJ 8:39pm, Sunday, 24 January 2010
Terez Miles said her son, Jordan Miles, who is black, thought his life was in jeopardy when three white men jumped out of a car on the night of January 11 as he walked not far from his home. "My son tried to run thinking his life was in jeopardy," Terez Miles said. "He made three steps before he slipped and fell." After that, she said, the police used a stun gun and beat him, pulling out a chunk of his hair.

The criminal complaint says the officers, considering Jordan Miles' appearance suspicious, got out of the car and identified themselves as police. He tried to flee, fell, and then struggled to escape.

The officers "delivered 2-3 closed fist strikes to Miles' head/face with still no effect," and then a "knee strike to Miles' head causing him to momentarily stop resisting," so that he could be handcuffed, the document says. Miles' mother said the officers did not identify themselves as police to her son, a viola player and student at the city's Creative and Performing Arts High School.

The complaint says the police officers believed Miles was engaged in criminal activity and possibly armed with a "large heavy object." The object turned out to be a bottle of Mountain Dew.

Miles was charged with aggravated assault, loitering, resisting arrest and escape.

AJ says: Keep in mind that the officers apparently were in plainclothes at the time. If the article text doesn't infuriate you enough, make sure to view the second picture in the top-left picture widget.

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Posted by: ccho 6:50am, Friday, 29 January 2010
Other than the obvious, what I took from this article: bad things happen to those that play viola.
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Posted by: stephentyrone 1:44pm, Tuesday, 2 February 2010
My take-home was that viola players are all criminals.

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