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Kucinich Wins Endorsement, Kiss From Date
Posted by: stephentyrone 4:00pm, Thursday, 11 December 2003
A much-watched first date for presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich ended with kisses on the cheek and an endorsement.

A political Web site,, chose the New Jersey woman over nearly 80 other contestants for a date with the twice-divorced Ohio congressman. He had joked recently about what he wanted in a potential first lady.

stephentyrone says: This is just silly. I especially like (a) the fact that his "date" has a live-in boyfriend whose name is not Dennis Kucinich and (b) his strange comment that her endorsement was more significant than Gore endorsing Dean, "and based on actual discussion.". I mean, flattery might get you everywhere, but this is rediculous.

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Give Dennis a break
Posted by: Brian 2:59pm, Friday, 12 December 2003

The man's hard up, clearly. I mean, she's not even very good looking -- but it's the best he could do. Even if it costs him the presidency, he's got to give this the best shot he can (including the flattery.)

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