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Experts Say New Desktop Fusion Claims Seem More Credible
Posted by: stephentyrone 3:08pm, Wednesday, 3 March 2004
Scientists are again claiming they have made a Sun in a jar, offering perhaps a revolutionary energy source, and this time even some skeptics find the evidence intriguing enough to call for a closer look.
"Neutrons are slippery little rascals," he said. "They can fool you. They can bounce and show up around corners you don't expect."
stephentyrone says: I continue to want a Mr. Fusion. And a Delorean.
Senate panel's GOP staff pried on Democrats
Posted by: stephentyrone 10:51am, Thursday, 22 January 2004
I think something about this was posted earlier; evidently republican staffers have been accessing democratic memos on a server that they shouldn't have had access to.
As the extent to which Democratic communications were monitored came into sharper focus, Republicans yesterday offered a new defense. They said that in the summer of 2002, their computer technician informed his Democratic counterpart of the glitch, but Democrats did nothing to fix the problem.
stephentyrone says: what astounds me is that both the republicans and the press seem to rationalize this and treat it as a defensible practice, just an escalation of "partisan bickering". were i a senate republican, any staffer responsible would be out on their ass.

on the other hand, it also astounds me that pat leahy could hire someone so incompetent to do IT (though at least incompetence is legal). maybe it was former gov. snelling's nephew, the same kid i lost out that senate page job to in 8th grade... :?P.
Princess' Dog Kills Queen's Dog
Posted by: stephentyrone 10:42am, Wednesday, 24 December 2003
Queen Elizabeth II was mourning the death of one of her beloved corgis, mauled by a terrier belonging to her daughter Princess Anne, a British newspaper reported Wednesday.
stephentyrone says: This is just so weird that I had to post it.
Kucinich Wins Endorsement, Kiss From Date
Posted by: stephentyrone 4:00pm, Thursday, 11 December 2003
A much-watched first date for presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich ended with kisses on the cheek and an endorsement.

A political Web site,, chose the New Jersey woman over nearly 80 other contestants for a date with the twice-divorced Ohio congressman. He had joked recently about what he wanted in a potential first lady.

stephentyrone says: This is just silly. I especially like (a) the fact that his "date" has a live-in boyfriend whose name is not Dennis Kucinich and (b) his strange comment that her endorsement was more significant than Gore endorsing Dean, "and based on actual discussion.". I mean, flattery might get you everywhere, but this is rediculous.
Democrats' servers more stable
Posted by: stephentyrone 11:15am, Thursday, 6 November 2003
Silly little article with data from netcraft about what hardware/software configuration the various democratic presidential candidates run their websites on. Also has uptime data for the Democratic and Republican National Committees. (Hint: the Republicans run IIS on Win2K, the Dems run Apache on Linux. Guess which is more stable)

Recent Comments
The good news
Posted by: stephentyrone 9:58pm, Thursday, 4 March 2010
The good news is that the Judge finally ordered the county to return the money to him on February 17.

The bad news is that, of course, he doesn't get any interest or penalty from the county for them holding a substantial chunk of money from him for an entire year. I also don't know if he's actually gotten the money back yet or not.

(off-topic, but vaguely related) There was a guy many years ago who won a suit against the state of New Hampshire, which the state refused to pay; a judge eventually ended up issuing a warrant for the sheriff to escort him to the nearest state office (the state liquor store, as it turned out) and seize for him the amount of the settlement in "cash or liquid assets".

really nice
Posted by: stephentyrone 10:37am, Wednesday, 10 February 2010
I'm not prepared to get quite so worked up as the author seems to be about all this, but it certainly is well written an interesting.
(no subject)
Posted by: stephentyrone 1:44pm, Tuesday, 2 February 2010
My take-home was that viola players are all criminals.
(no subject)
Posted by: stephentyrone 2:04pm, Saturday, 23 June 2007
All the supermarkets in England (or at least all I went into in a 3 month period) are setup this way. It's fantastic. Jen and I have been wondering ever since why we don't have this in the US.
Posted by: stephentyrone 12:12pm, Sunday, 6 May 2007
I don't think that the guy is all that adept at using the software, to be honest. I've heard much more impressive work done in performer, mostly by people who do a lot of commercial and film music. The music itself is always less interesting, but the performance is incredibly impressive.