Hi! My name is Ajeet Shankar (anagrams: "Jake art ashen", "ah, neat as jerk", "Jakarta sheen", "shake neat jar"). Most people call me AJ. I'm currently working on a startup company, Modista.

I really like music. I listen to music pretty much all the time, and I spend too much money on CDs. I used to play the trumpet pretty seriously, but now I mainly play the guitar, and dabble in the piano, bass, and drums, and tinker in the mandolin. Sometimes I write songs. I like going to concerts, too.

I also really like sports. I love to play just about anything, especially soccer, ultimate (frisbee), foosball, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, football, squash, basketball, bowling, climbing, biking, and running. I also like following all kinds of sports, and camping in California is an amazing experience.

I'm fascinated by animals, evolution, behavior, and psychology. I enjoy reading, thinking about random stuff, joking around, partying, hanging out, and the other standard activities that students do.

I was born and raised in the lovely little state of Connecticut. Both of my parents work at Yale; my dad is a professor of physics, and my mom is the Policy Manager for Finance. My older brother Umesh and my younger sister Meera work in New York City, and my youngest sister Maya is a grad student at Oxford.