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I used to have a bunch of pictures from high school and college up here but they became so hopelessly outdated and unrepresentative that I finally just got rid of them. So for now I'll stick to pictures that don't need updating :).

My family.
My siblings and I, when we were younger.
My sister Meera at an early age.
My parents' wedding. They tell me they have better pictures of this; next time I get the chance, I'll scan 'em in.
Meera and Maya.
Maya with Itzhak Perlman.
Meera and her friend Tania.
Maya, just after performing.
Me as a kid.
Meera and John Lithgow, at Harvard's Arts First celebration.
My brother and I, in the good ol' days.
My dad and Maya.
A sunset over my house, taken by Meera.
Young me Me, as a little kid. This was my "baby picture" for my high school year book.
Parasailers above Aspen cliff Parasailers about the cliff I climbed in Aspen.
Aspen Mountains A view of moutains near Aspen on a cloudy day. The church looked really cool in perspective, but I couldn't get it to look that way on film.
My mom as a little kid. Isn't she cute? :)
The day Maya was born. (Incidentally, also my birthday.)
A picture of my brother, shamelessly ripped from his site.
Maya with Midori.
Maya didn't want me to put this picture up. Don't tell her! :)
Umesh and Maya.
My brother as a (very cute) youngster.
I guess I hadn't learned table manners yet.
My mom and brother.
A rabbit in our backyard.
Meery and Kerry, out shopping.