Why I’m going to fail grad school

For those of you keeping track, last night I said I was going to do work at a quarter to nine. For the record, it’s now 13 hours, a pre-party, a party, a post-party, and a 3:30am bedtime later, and I’ve done absolutely no work at all.

Man, it was really fun, but now I’m in deep shizzizzle, as Snoop Dogg might say. Woe is me.

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3 Responses to Why I’m going to fail grad school

  1. Anonymous says:

    heezy fo’ sheezy

    Hey, its Maya (AJ’s little sister) – this entry reminded me of the fact that while we were in Hawaii, none of us could figure out what exactly “heezy fo(h) sheezy” means in the snoop-dog dictionary…anyone care to help us out? …thanks : )

  2. Anonymous says:


    go to http://www.asksnoop.com and convert the text of any webpage (such as your livejournal) to snoop language!