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For whatever reason, it has become fashionable to comment on how little Barack Obama has done, or on how poorly his presidency has gone thus far. No matter happens tomorrow, I would like to state for the record that I … Continue reading

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Another winding tale; more catchy music

OkCupid is a free dating website that has an outstanding blog. The blog is really interesting because the creators of the site mine massive amounts of user interaction data to expose preferences and inefficiencies, so to speak, in the dating … Continue reading

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Another resurrection, some other recommendations

In the spirit of rekindling interest in old favorites, here’s another band that I loved, lost, and found again: Morcheeba. Morcheeba’s first albums were fronted by the inimitable Skye Edwards, whose silky voice served as a great anchor for the … Continue reading

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My mind was just blown

As you may know, I like the band House of Freaks. About 10 years ago they led me to the excellent September 67 album Lucky Shoe, on which Bryan Harvey played on a few tracks. September 67’s principal member was … Continue reading

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