Monthly Archives: December 2004

The world can be a very frustrating place at times. Part of me — the part that loves good novels and mushy movies — would like to think that each small trial carries with it a lesson about how the … Continue reading

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… And Justice For All (except for those who have to slog through this monster entry)

Here’s another desultory entry for you. I’m finally done with the semester! The last couple of weeks have been really fun and really tiring. It was my birthday the Wednesday before last, and many people were kind enough to remember. … Continue reading

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Once a year

Okay, this is going to be one of those long, rambling, soporific, multi-segmented entries. Sorry. Maybe I’ll bold a part of each segment so you can find those that catch your fancy. Mispronounced words. Remember when you were growing up … Continue reading

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