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Now the rain has waned a bit

If everyone in the world earned wages comparable to those in the U.S., how much would stuff cost? Is this a price people are willing to pay? (And if not, why not?) As you know, I like estimating, but answering … Continue reading

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Full circle

Several years ago I worked at IBM on a product called SashXB. It was written about twice in Wired, first here, and then here. The second article featured some pretty mangled quotes by me (which make me sound like an … Continue reading

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My favorite faith healer…

Had you ever had a conversation with someone who’s acted strangely, and only later you realized why? (Something like, “Hmm… John sure was acting weird. Oh, right, his ex-girlfriend was also in the room. No wonder he was antsy when … Continue reading

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Actually, I’m nodding off…

I seriously meant to write a serious entry about something serious, but — seriously — I couldn’t be bothered. Not serious is the new serious, anyway! (Although I’ll probably get to that “serious” topic next time, if you’re unlucky.) [Edit: … Continue reading

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