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One of my favorites, re-interpreted

It’s Friday afternoon and fourth period is almost over. “Okay, just a reminder — there will be a surprise quiz sometime next week on the last three chapters!” the teacher brays as the bell rings and the students begin to … Continue reading

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Hawaii, Take Two

Here are some pictures of Hawaii; click to go to the slideshow. (Some pictures were taken by Grant, Matt, and Siobhan.) Pristine beaches, beautiful sunsets, a great wedding, and best friends. Totally awesome.

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Some suggestions for improving the game of soccer

Culled from my own thoughts and discussions with various others over the years. Add more refs. There should be a minimum of two on-field refs, and ideally three. Put a fourth ref in the booth to decide via video replay. … Continue reading

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England are out

My emotional investment in the World Cup ended when England bowed out yesterday. Perenially content to meet expectations, they did so once again, cementing their horrible record in penalty-kick shootouts. Some English players will no doubt claim that penalties are … Continue reading

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