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Weather Permitting

I’ve been to a lot of weddings in my day — 27 by last count.*  The one we went to last weekend might have had the most unique atmosphere, literally. It was on Hang Glider Site #3 at Mount Tam, … Continue reading

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Is Catfish real?

Casey Affleck has already admitted that his bizarre “documentary” of Joaquin Phoenix I’m Still Here was staged, essentially a self-destructive two-year-long performance piece. What about Catfish? The filmmakers insist that it is. Discerning viewers beg to differ. Is it life imitating … Continue reading

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Yosemite 2010

A few weekends ago my college roommate James came out to visit. We went to Yosemite for four days. It was pretty sweet. Here are some pictures; I picked ones that I liked, so they’re not necessary comprehensive, and some … Continue reading

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