We’ve been rambling all of the night

I have a dry cough, with no other symptoms. I checked, and exactly a year and a week ago I had the same thing. (Both times, it started out with a couple days of congestion.) Between these two events, I was never sick. How weird is that? I guess it could be some allergy-related thing, triggered by some pollen that gets released around this time.

“I hear the ocean breathe… exhale upon the shore”

There’s a huge storm outside, and the thunder reverberates in my room every few minutes. I love thunder and lightning! As long as I’m inside :).

I also really like wind. One time in high school we were going to have track practice but then there was this hurricane warning and so they had to cancel practice. I ran to the middle of the field after everyone had left, but before it started raining really hard, and let the ferocious wind buffet me. It was so cool.

It’s refreshing when I find someone who thinks the same way I do.

Friends from afar traipsing through these parts recently: Chris (Australia), Michelle (Taiwan), Chris (Korea). It was great to see them! And soon Beth (England). Also got to see the IHouse Boyz (the ‘z’ is a mixture of irony and utter sincerity) this past weekend for Ray’s birthday.

Speaking of which, it was Umesh’s birthday yesterday, and we’re having a party for him on Friday. Happy Birthday Umesh!

I used to think that genetic modification (a la Gattaca) would be the single most controversial and potentially harmful issue during my lifetime. Now, based on a combination of doom-and-gloom scenarios proposed by various pundits and a Vonnegut short story I recently read, I’m thinking that the elongation of the human lifespan — without the corresponding elongation of a person’s “productive” years — may be a good candidate. How is society going to adapt? It’s going to be interesting. (Especially when I get to be old!)
[Edit: I didn’t make clear in this paragraph that I think that genetic modification also has the potential to be one of the most helpful issues, too. Either way, it’s definitely going to be controversial.]

Did I mention that getting really old and slowly losing all of my mental and physical faculties is one of my biggest fears? Weird, huh. It just depresses me though.

While I’m rambling, I’d just like to mention that the NFL’s arbitrary restrictions on post-touchdown celebrations do nothing save stroke the league’s collective ego and convince it that it is somehow dignified, despite the fact that it exists solely for our entertainment. Martin Luther King is dignified; the NFL is not. Players hate the restrictions, and so do the fans. Get off your high horse, officials.

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