India pictures

Check ’em out. They have captions (above each full-sized picture).

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6 Responses to India pictures

  1. Anonymous says:

    yo, we gotsta hello sometime

  2. wingerz says:

    great pictures! thanks for sharing!

  3. nnnnnneeeeekk, neeek, mmmmeeeek

    Wonderful. Beautiful photos. I was laughing so much with the video – that’s horrendous! It’s like bagpipes (that’s the subject line, if you’re wondering) Nice view though.
    Hope you’re having a fantastic week. :)
    Love B x

    • Anonymous says:

      Re: nnnnnneeeeekk, neeek, mmmmeeeek

      Haha, yeah. Just unbelievable. Luckily it was so outrageously irritating that by day three it was more hilarious than annoying.

  4. joyousx says:

    wow.. how long were you visiting? i really like the sunset in munnar photo – so pretty.

    • aj says:

      We were there for 3.5 weeks… quite a long time, but given how costly tickets to India are, you pretty much make your visits in bulk.

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