Well, it took all day, but it’s finally up.

Evaluate me.

Or try your own: Fun! If you like it, please spread the word. And of course feedback is appreciated.

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  1. vchou says:

    hey, really cool. yet another time when i wish i could do shit with computers. instead, i just write about them.

  2. rwclark says:

    Very nice, but it said I entered too many traits “Error: You have selected too many traits. Please go back and unselect some.” I entered less than 10.

    • rwclark says:

      P.S. I was using Camino at the time.

      • aj says:

        thanks a bunch for the info — any chance you could go onto aim or something now really quick? my username is ajshankar. i’d love to debug this but i don’t have access to camino myself.

    • judytuna says:

      Me too; I manually counted ’em and I wasn’t over 20 either. “Error: You have selected too many traits. Please go back and unselect some.”

      Firefox (windows).

      • aj says:

        Ooh. I found the bug and fixed it. Please try again! (and let me know if it screws up) thanks!

        • judytuna says:

          Ummm… now I just get blank pages for everything but the first ( page.

          Also, nice that you got that domain name, seems like it’d be a popular one?

          • aj says:

            nooo! that’s my hosting company’s fault. i think they get a little screwed up right after i get a new domain name (happened the last time i did that too). super annoying. they’re already looking to resolve it. but it may be another 20 minutes. i’ll let you know. super frustrating though! man. after all that work i hope this doesn’t get tanked by a lame server.

            the name — it just occured to me. actually i tried “” and that was taken already.

            thanks for being patient while i work out these kinks!

          • aj says:

            it’s back

  3. rwclark says:

    I think you should be able to view other people’s evaluations.

    • aj says:

      hmm, this is an interesting idea. clearly not all people want this feature, so you should have to opt in to “release” your evaluation.

      and then who shold be able to see it? anyone? or just peope who’ve taken it or a list of friends? hmm.

      what do you think?

      • rwclark says:

        Maybe…I don’t really mind strangers being able to see what other adjectives others chose for me. But maybe have some options.

        • aj says:

          Okay, I added this feature. (If you view your results, you can provide an access word other people can use to see them, too.)

          Now I just have to find some way to publicize the site!

  4. ngj says:

    oo…neat! (already itching to try it out)

    Probably not the time to take future requests, but…something I noticed was that it didn’t have quite the same implications as the window(johari, was it?) page–that is, you didn’t pick your own traits out first, and then be surprised by ones no one saw, or the ones everyone saw that you didn’t.

    Alright, lemme if there’s anyone who wants to write comment cards for me…

    • aj says:

      Yeah I though that step was somewhat superfluous. i.e. when you see your results, it’s pretty immediately obvious to you what adjectives are surprising for their presence and absence. I think most people keep a self-evaluation running in their heads constantly. So no need to make them evaluate explicitly. Also, I think when you are forced to rate yourself, the tendency is to commit your view to the choices you made. So it’ll be harder to change thereafter. Better to not make things concrete at all.

  5. ccho says:

    I don’t understand how to add adjectives. That part could be developed a little more by allowing some customization (get some AJAX action going in there ;)). Some are miscategorized, and the results don’t show which category they belong to.

    • aj says:

      You can’t add general adjectives. Only for a particular person.

      • ccho says:

        So the form submission just reads whatever is in that textbox? If you hit return, the form submits.

        • aj says:

          yeah. i’m not sure what you mean. what are you expecting it to do? it just shows up in that person’s results page as a write-in.

          • ccho says:

            I wanted to add multiple adjectives sequentially in a web2.0-ish fashion. There should be validation against user-entered duplicates of the existing adjectives. Of course to keep it simple, maybe you could just have a textbox instead of input field that just adds a linefeed when return is pressed rather than submitting the form.

  6. Some struggle

    AJ this is brilliant.
    I have a new job where I live in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere all week, with no phone, wireless or cable – can you imagine. I’m going nuts. So I got home this weekend to a welcome relief.
    But I just can’t click any negative traits! It was ridiculous. I was staring at the -ve options for several minutes, and none seemed to apply to you. I was running your personality around and around in my head – and I obviously don’t think you are perfect – ha – well, not completely, but it’s hard to use such harsh adjectives about people you love and respect. Just wanted to comment on that side of it anyway, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be! I picked the +ves but then couldn’t see the point of clicking any -ves, and have you think that about yourself (and worry it’s really obvious and terrible, and something you need to be self-conscious about). So this is one problem – there’s no element of ‘degree’. Also there’s few ‘semi’- harsh adjectives, or suggestions “could be more..” I know this complicates things. But it might be easier to use.
    So, it’s great in a friendster and myspace kind of way, in hearing and broadcasting the great sides of yourself, and reassuring yourself. I’m going to send the link to some popular blogs that I’m in touch with :)

    • aj says:

      Re: Some struggle

      Oh, good points. Though I think a fundamental problem is that you are too nice. I’ll have to remember that for when I evaluate you. :)

      Anyway — less hard negatives — I’m happy to add more adjectives. Just suggest a few and I’ll throw them on there!

      Thanks for the promotion. That’s all I’m looking for at this point. I hope people use it!

  7. jvcheng says:

    hey this is really cool! I got this in a forward from Yayu and didn’t realize you wrote it until now. You might not have to publicize this at all. This is viral marketing at its best!

  8. sententias says:

    well this was fun.
    very interesting to get the feedback too.