1. My little sister is a Rhodes Scholar! Woot!

2. Is Nancy Pelosi pissing you off, too? I thought we had moved beyond ignorant, crony-favoring politicians. Let’s hope she doesn’t screw things up for 2008.

3. And since I seem to like using my LJ to launch web sites, here’s a new one:

Big East Hoops

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  1. walther says:

    dude, that is awesome about your sister. it’s good to know that you and umesh saved some smarts for the rest of your siblings. =)

  2. wasabisabi says:

    AJ, that’s incredible! congrats to her. i also had no idea about her violin pursuits. i heard Itzak Perlman has fat, stubby fingers, always wondered if it was true!

  3. gdogg says:

    Congrats to Maya! That’s pretty dope.

  4. aj says:

    Thanks dudes! I’ll let her know.