Aliens… from outer space!

(Some might consider this a SPOILER)

In the last two days, I saw District 9 and Avatar, two movies with several similar characteristics: large aliens, oppression by humans, not-so-subtle commentaries about imperialism, DNA mixing, and a crossover human. Both were uber-awesome, though in very different ways. Highly recommended!

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4 Responses to Aliens… from outer space!

  1. Blue Pocahontas was pretty sweet, yeah.

    • aj says:

      It was! There’s no question that the plot wasn’t particularly original, but the telling of it was great.

      We could say the same for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

      • judytuna says:

        Join! With the internet, anybody can be an expert in anything. We are all budding pseudolinguists.

        It’s really fun to lurk in the community’s Skype voice chat. The first night I was on, they took dialogue from the movie and transcribed it. Some people are actually able to carry on conversations in Na’vi. I, on the other hand, have 4 or 5 words in my vocabulary, just learned what lenition is , and am basically hopeless. Kaltxì is a great “first word” — it’s hello! The tx is an ejective. My friend Ramon is an actual linguist, and he has been filling my head with Hupa (which has ejectives) for several years now… so it turns out I’ve been trying to spit out ejectives for a long time, but I’ve gotten into a habit of over-articulating them. Do you read the language log? was literally the only thing I’d heard about Avatar before getting dragged out of the house by my apartmentmate to see it, on a whim. Suffice it to say that I really loved the movie. haha.