Saw Morcheeba last night at the Fillmore on tour in support of their new album. After a seven-year hiatus, Skye is finally back to front the band. My favorite show of theirs was in 2003 — their last tour before she left — at the Warfield, and she was in top form.

One of the best songs from last evening was “Crimson”, the first track on their new album. It was a surprisingly powerful rendition, with a searing guitar solo by Ross Godfrey.

Here are two live versions from previous shows on Youtube. Of course, neither is able to recreate my mental image of the song or the solo, but hey, what can you do. The first has the best video and sound quality, but the person taking the video mistakenly focuses on the bass player during the guitar solo — funny, but also a little distracting.

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    AJ! You’re still writing in this thing? Go you :P

    Am at iOSDevCamp today, demo’ed BeatSquare:

    Saw that you helped proofread Manu’s recent blog post.. hit me up when you’re around Stanford next!