Welcome, welcome.

I’ve finally done the dirty deed and switched from LiveJournal to my own WordPress installation. The main reason I’ve been putting this off is the sheer number of friends’ WP installs that have gotten hacked. I figure it’s inevitable, so let’s see how far I can get before this blog becomes a giant advertisement for male enhancement drugs.

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5 Responses to Welcome, welcome.

  1. Ceida says:

    Hi AJ,

    You are like the last person on my LJ friends page… it will be blank soon! So I can leave too, is there an easy way to download my old LJ entries?


    • aj says:

      Hi Ceida,
      Yes, it was sad to see everyone leave! There is a way. See here. Also, if you switch to WordPress, they provide a handy tool for importing all of your entries and comments, which I did. It was really simple and worked well.

      • Ceida says:


        • Ceida says:

          I ended up switching from LJ’s S1 to S2 style, so I was able to just copy and paste 25 pages (no comments unfortunately). Turns out I wrote exactly 250 entries, which makes a 120 page Word document!

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