Rarely am I this forceful, but…

Do yourself a favor and read this interview with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. Just take ten minutes out of whatever you’re doing right now and listen in. I heard it this morning and it’s been echoing in my head all day.

Transcript | MP3 Feed

The best thing to do is listen to the feed while reading the transcript (the transcript picks up at 2:20 into the mp3 feed).

Feel free to call me out if you found that it wasn’t worth your time.

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4 Responses to Rarely am I this forceful, but…

  1. tadajulia says:


    Thanks for sharing the interview. It’s actually refreshing to hear a politician speak candidly and honestly without sugarcoating the problem, or praising themselves and other politicians for “all the great job they’re doing.”

  2. dianaca4 says:

    thanks, definitely worth my 10 mins….wow